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Web Analytics Education: Changing Table Views

by massimopaolini on April 5, 2011

Do you now have a Google Analytics account for your web page? If not, I highly suggest that you register now for you to track down the important statistics like web traffic for your online business. Just sign up here:

The following information will show you how to change the table view in Google Analytics. The default data view is provided in a table. This can be changed to any of the following by clicking on the respective icon:

  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Delta (Comparison)
  • Pivot

The most quickly intuitive views to see what activity is occurring from your data are the:

Pie Chart:

Bar Chart:

The Delta view allows you to use the Compare to Past date range feature and provides a comparison of performance to that previous time period.

Delta Chart:

The Pivot Table view allows you to view multiple data points at the same time. Thus decreasing the need to switch back and forth between reports.

Pivot Table:

There you have the different types of illustrative formats that you can use in the representation of your data. You may select the format of your choice. Having these sets of illustrations lets you analyze the data and formulate effective strategies to earn more money for your online business.

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